1 Petrology and geochemistry of metaigneous rocks

1.1 Element mobility in metavolcanic rocks belonging to the southalpine basement of the Eastern Alps: deuteresis- and metamorphism-related chemical changes

1.2 Geochemical and isotopic characterization of orthogneisses of the Austroalpine basement.

1.3 Reconstruction of the pre-variscan geotectonic settings related to the formation of the protoliths of both metavolcanics and orthogneisses

1.4 Petrology of granulite-facies xenoliths in Pliocene alkaline volcanics from Sardinia: hints for lower crustal accretion by underplating of subduction-related magmas.


2 Geochronology of metamorphic rocks

2.1 Geochronological constraints to the pre-variscan magmatic activity in the Southalpine and Austroalpine basement of the Eastern Alps. Primary ages of protoliths and metamorphic ages.

2.2 Geochronology of mafic granulites belonging to Chaotic Complexes in the Northern Apennines sequences (Italy): primary age of the protoliths and T-t constraints to the cooling history of the granulites.

2.3 Geochronology of mantle xenoliths in mafic lavas of the Montiferro Volcanic Complex (Sardinia, Italy).


3 Petrography applied to spectroscopy

3.1 Interactions between crystal chemistry of micas and pyroxenes and the spectral signatures in the VIS-NIR-SWIR bands.

3.2 Petrographic characterization of possible Mars analogues on the Earth’s surface.


4 Geological mapping of crystalline basements

4.1 Geological mapping at 1:10000 scale of some areas of the Eastern Alps.

4.2 Contributions to the "Map of the crystalline basement of the Bolzano Province" at the 1:50000 scale.


5 Petrology and geochemistry of anatectic rocks

5.1 Petrogenesis of acidic igneous rocks from Central Italy (San Vincenzo, Manziana, Capraia).

5.2 Magma mixing between acidic peraluminous rocks and mafic magmas; examples from Central Italy and Sardinia.

5.3 Petrogenesis of the leucogranites in the Bossost area (Pyreneés)

5.4 The redox state during anatexis in a graphite-present source (El Joyazo, Spain); application of Mossbauer spectroscopy and stable isotope geochemistry..


6 Stable isotope geochemistry of silicates and oxides

6.1 Stable isotope geothermometry in metabasites and metaultrabasites

6.2 Oxygen isotopes as tracers of petrogenetic processes in igneous rocks



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